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Online payday loans tend to have a bad standing. Even so, a payday loan is not really always a poor point. People have many legitimate reasons for generating very good usage of a pay day loan. Do you want to learn more regarding this? Please read on for important information.
Before applying for any payday advance have your forms in order this will help the borrowed funds organization, they may will need evidence of your earnings, for them to assess your capability to cover the loan back. Take things just like your W-2 kind from function, alimony obligations or confirmation you will be receiving Sociable Security. Make the most efficient circumstance feasible for yourself with appropriate documents.
For alot of people who need to get cash and are unable to, payday loans can help. Everyone needs to make certain they are doing the research for both the company they intend to use as well as the financial loan these are receiving before getting financing. Online payday loans often times have abnormal interest rates, and extra service fees makes it tough to repay the borrowed funds in a timely manner.
If you are contemplating that you have to default on a cash advance, think again. The borrowed funds firms gather a lot of info of your stuff about stuff like your workplace, along with your street address. They will likely harass you consistently up until you receive the bank loan paid back. It is best to obtain from household, market issues, or do other things it requires to just pay for the loan away, and proceed.
Make a note of your transaction expected days. As soon as you get the cash advance, you will have to pay out it again, or at least create a payment. Even if you overlook whenever a settlement time is, the company will try to withdrawal the exact amount from the banking accounts. Recording the schedules will allow you to recall, allowing you to have no troubles with your financial institution.
Prior to finalizing your pay day loan, study all the small print from the contract. Pay day loans could have a large amount of lawful language concealed inside them, and quite often that authorized words is used to cover up invisible rates, high-priced delayed fees along with other items that can get rid of your finances. Before you sign, be wise and understand specifically what you will be putting your signature on.
If you are searching for a payday loan alternative, make certain you only execute enterprise with the one that has immediate bank loan acceptance possibilities. In today’s electronic digital entire world, if it’s difficult to allow them to tell you if they can lend serious cash right away, their industry is so outdated that you are currently more well off not using them by any means.
You have to know you will find consequences for low payment At times existence receives when it comes to financial responsibility. As a way to determine what the costs are in the event you pay out later, you must look at the fine print within your commitment carefully. Payday cash loans tend to have higher penalty charges.
Think about other bank loan choices in addition to pay day loans. The costs for a credit card advance loan continue to be a lot less compared to those with a payday advance. Consult with loved ones about helping you, as well.
Never accept a payday advance inside an sum more than it will be possible to repay. A lot of loan providers gives you greater than was required, given that you will end up more prone to incur late charges. The bigger the personal loan, the more effective their chances are of reaping extra earnings.
While confronting a pay day lender, keep in mind how snugly licensed these are. Rates are often legitimately capped at diverse level’s condition by express. Really know what commitments they already have and what specific rights that you have like a client. Get the contact details for regulating govt offices convenient.
When looking for a payday loan, the financing police officer require which you supply a government released image recognition credit card or driver’s certification, a present energy monthly bill demonstrating your deal with and a the latest paycheck stub. The tackle proven in your recognition, energy costs, salary stub and personal check have to all be listed to your home’s physical street address.
For individuals that find yourself in trouble in the position exactly where they have got more than one payday loan, you should look at choices to paying out them off. Consider using a money advance off of your credit card. The rate of interest is going to be decrease, along with the service fees are considerably less compared to payday loans.
Think about calling to apply for a payday loan. It might appear simpler to just full the web based type, however you are happier calling. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to obtain a obvious description in the personal loan terminology.
Though you must not make consuming payday cash loans out a behavior, they may be very useful when you have immediate fees that you simply cannot hang on to pay. You should not have issues if you utilize them the right way. Keep in mind the recommendations in this article to make use of pay day loans to your great advantage.

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Strategies For A Comfortable Home

When you have to go to work or attend classes at daytime; you can always count on being back at home during the evening hours when you want to relax after having a long, eventful day outdoors. You will be hosting a lot of people in your home wen you are not at work or in school because your family will be present together with a few friends and some other guests who have paid you a courtesy call to see how you are doing since the last time you met. With the knowledge about how you house is a great location where you can spend your free time engaging in fun activities with the people you are close to, you should now make an effort to clean and keep it attractive for the sake of the people you will be hosting. When you want to change some aspects about your home, and how you feel when you are there, you will obviously need to take some time and money as well so that you arrange the items and achieve a particular outlook you had hoped for, with the final impression being a beautiful living space.

There are many ideas for making your home a bit more comfortable than it is so that you get a good experience when you are relaxing with close friends. The first idea is to include decorations to your house in that you try to avoid crowding of unnecessary things within the same space and instead use that space to hold decorative items that can be appreciated due to the glamour they add to the place. Some of the decoration items you can purchase and put in your especially the living room are flower vases with beautiful flowers and other green plants that you put at specific corners in the house to ensure that they provide additional beauty as well as fresh air for you and anyone relaxing in the living room.

You can also decorate your house using other things such as different color patterns and graphical images which can be drawn directly on the wall or in the form of artwork that you buy from the market and hang it in the living room to provide an exclusive environment that people can admire. The second tip to make your home look attractive is to try and cover the things and areas that make it look unattractive using covers that have patterns which match with the way other objects in your house look. Lastly, make sure that you tend to check on your furniture and other objects inside the house so that you notice the ones with problems and repair them before they get bigger problems.

Prescribed drugs and infant Deaths – How lots extra of This Are We presupposed to Take?

The penchant of “accountable” authorities for ignoring the warnings and standing by and doing nothing ended in an awful lot properly-documented damage to a first-rate number of kids, along with suicides, drug dependency and violence. diverse human rights organizations and citizens’ watchdogs have striven for decades to alert the public to the dangers of giving the drug Ritalin to children, especially as Ritalin is frequently prescribed for the substitute and now very a great deal discredited methylone for sale on the market that become a part of the psycho-pharmaceutical ploy to palm the drug off at the unsuspecting public.

but now the reality rising about Ritalin and different ADHD drugs touted by way of psychiatry is transforming into extra terrible than absolutely everyone imagined; research from The countrywide Institute of intellectual health (NIMH) has found out that capsules like Ritalin are related to sudden demise in kids. research indicate a whopping 500 percent multiplied threat of demise for youngsters administered such mental fitness drugs by means of psychiatrists, doctors and mother and father. Ritalin is also chargeable for causing a everlasting tic within the face, neck, and head of a number of the kids and it in fact reasons far more severe neurological damage than the issues it’s miles falsely presupposed to treat.

it has been recognized for decades through many experts, scientists, and fitness practitioners – and disgracefully ignored by government who regarded to care little approximately the destiny of children – that such psychiatric capsules are risky and, amongst different matters, damage the neural feature in children’s brains, resulting inside the victims having a far greater tough time processing information and getting to know new matters. Such capsules break their developing worried structures and might permanently cripple their capacity to function as normal human beings.

research through the years have revealed that drugs like Ritalin visibly calm children, but then we tranquillize pets and livestock too with tons the equal calming effects and if we as a society think it’s far perfectly all right to deal with our youngsters like our pets then we virtually are a society at the manner out. for my part I do now not suppose alpha pvp for sale on the market regard it as okay however alas some rich agencies, plenty of the psychiatric profession, some medical doctors and our governments manifestly do and those had been having, in the face of our acquiescence, things pretty lots their own way inside the permit’s-drug-the-children stakes.

Ritalin, notwithstanding the carnage, stays one of the essential pills prescribed for kids with supposed behavioral problems. but individuals who produce and prescribe the medication and promote unsuspecting parents on the idea of feeding them to their kids know what they may do to the child who takes them. They understand! but they pass on although dishing them out like goodies inside the full know-how that lives can be ruined completely.

How Elon Musk Will Revolutionize the Modern World

Elon Musk, Founder, and CEO of Tesla Motors Inc.After selling off PayPal for $1.5 Billion to Inc.

Throughout history, humans have dreamed of what the future will be like. We have envisioned flying cars, teleportation devices, vacations to outer space, and much more. A lot of it is pretty farfetched, some of it is impossible, and yet other aspects aren’t as far away as you might think.

(and other companies) has brought the science fiction fantasies much closer to reality than many people realize. His concepts and inventions could potentially revolutionize the way that we do life.

Digital Currency

While most came to know Elon Musk as the CEO of Tesla, Musk is also the co-founder of PayPal Holding Inc.

. It all started back in 1999 as a financial services company simply named In 2000, it merged with Confinity and developed the online payment system we now know as PayPal (the name was officially registered in 2001). When eBay Inc. purchased PayPal in 2002, Musk was able to fund his other projects. He then quietly slipped into research mode for the next dozen years or so.

PayPal has already revolutionized the way we make payments. I can hop on and transfer money to my brother that paid for dinner last night. I can purchase an item from a manufacturer in China. I can type in my PayPal details at Home Depot and not even worry about bringing my credit card to the store. In short: PayPal has taken over the digital currency world and has already become so engrained in our minds that we don’t even remember a world without it.

Space Flight

, Musk founded SpaceX (I suppose the X moniker has special meaning to him). The company was seen as little more than a fantasy, and something that most didn’t take seriously. After all, space flight was something that was left to government control.Ten years after founding the company, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule was sent to the International Space Station. Since 2012, it has made two cargo runs. SpaceX has an exclusive contract with NASA to help deliver cargo to the floating lab.

But since its founding, SpaceX has never been about cargo runs. Musk’s original plan was to send people to space to colonize other planets. He wants to make sure that Mars is inhabitable in case the earth is no longer a viable option. Will it happen? Musk believes that within 20 years there will be a colony on Mars, and reusable rockets will be able to ferry people back and forth.

Tesla Motors Inc.

. However, these all-electric vehicles aren’t just cars that run without gas. EV (electric vehicles) have been around for a few decades now, but none have really caught on. Primarily because they have had serious issues, like taking too long to charge, short range on a single charge, slow speed, and slow acceleration. Tesla Motors sought to change all of that (and they did with their Tesla S, which can go from 0 – 60mph in 4 seconds), but their goal was loftier.The Tesla Model 3 is set for production in 2017. The price tag: $35,000. Musk’s goal when creating Tesla Motors was never to create an electric vehicle that only the rich could afford (the Model S starts at $70k; the Model X, an SUV, starts at $80k), but to have all electric vehicles that anyone can afford. But since driving a vehicle that is powered from the grid (electricity generated by burning coal) only transfers the pollution somewhere else, there is a loftier goal. That is where Musk’s company SolarCity comes into play.

The Tesla Battery

The Tesla battery is a part of the clean energy company SolarCity. Founded in 2006, this company seeks to make renewable energy something that every home will not only be able to afford but will want to incorporate.

SolarCity designs and installs clean energy systems in residential and commercial settings. They have designed the Tesla Battery, a high-efficiency sleek looking battery, which can be enough to completely remove someone from the grid (given adequate solar panels, low consumption, and other factors). The big idea here is that by using SolarCity’s clean energy updates a household can become less dependent on electricity, power their electric vehicle, and ultimately reduce their footprint on the environment without spending an outrageous amount of money.

The Hyperloop

Southern California has long had a freeway problem. There are so many people living in the area that the roads become congested at nearly all hours of the day. The problem is exacerbated by inadequate public transit in the area. California has proposed a $70 billion high-speed light rail system to transport people from LA to San Francisco. Musk claims that his proposed Hyperloop will cost just $6 billion, and be able to make the trip in a mere 30 minutes.

The Hyperloop looks like something out of Futurama. Passengers would enter a 2-meter wide pod that would be zipped through a long tube. The entire thing would run on (presumably) renewable electric energy. The result would be a low impact form of transportation that could help alleviate traffic burden across the country (when installed elsewhere).

The Bottom Line

How will Musk and his enterprises revolutionize the world? It has already happened. From PayPal taking over the digital currency world to SpaceX already making flights to Tesla building an affordable electric vehicle (with self-driving capabilities), Musk’s inventions and companies have already revolutionized many aspects of the way we live and think.

As the population continues to grow, we need lower impact forms of living. Regardless of whether a person believes climate change is caused by man or a natural phenomenon, the reality is that any time we can pollute less, and leave the world a cleaner place, and then everyone wins.

Google Express vs. Amazon Prime Now (GOOG, AMZN)

Alphabet Inc. Today Google Express drivers no longer have to visit hubs. Express drivers now pull double-duty as shoppers who receive orders on their phones, purchase the items required and then deliver them to customers. The participating retailers have all approved the Google Express program and drivers are able to pick up items at any branch of Staples Inc.

are competing again, this time in the delivery world. Not only are the two companies trying to get their super-speed delivery businesses off the ground, but they’re both expanding into fresh grocery delivery and competing for independent contractors who will deliver for them.

Google Express

Google Express started out with little fanfare in 2013 in the San Francisco area. The concept at the time was similar to what Amazon does today: drivers would deliver packages from central warehouses to customers within a guaranteed time frame.

. Google Express has now expanded to include 10 states, 10 cities and offers fresh grocery delivery in San Francisco and Los Angeles.The service is not cheap. Membership runs at $95 a year for unlimited deliveries which reach the spend minimum (varies per store), and non-members pay $4.99 and up per store on the order. For drivers, Google Express is another “job” in the sharing economy. Google contracts the driving out to independent businesses who then hire independent contractors for shopping and delivery.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now is a fast way to have your Amazon products delivered. Americans in over a dozen metropolitan areas are now eligible for deliveries within two hours and even more live in cities where Amazon offers same-day delivery.

Very few third-party stores and restaurants have partnered with Amazon to allow Amazon Flex drivers to purchase and deliver products on their behalf. However, at a cost of $99 per year (only $4 more than Google Express), and with many more advantages to signing up for Prime, Amazon’s lack of store choice can be forgiven.

Deliveries within two hours or on the same day are free for Prime members while non-members can expect to pay a whopping $8.99 per order. With massive warehouses throughout the country, Amazon Flex drivers find themselves commuting throughout a city and returning numerous times to an out-of-the-way warehouse to pick up new packages. However, since the work is allotted directly to drivers through Amazon and there’s no shopping required, the system works better than Google’s. Drivers select a window of availability that’s as short or as long as they’d like based on what Amazon decides are the company’s needs at the time.

Which Will Be Victorious?

There is no doubt that from both the consumer and the worker side, Amazon will beat Google as the companies foray into the sharing economy. Amazon provides a better service at a better price than Google. There are few consumers who are loyal enough to Costco or Target and are willing to spend $95 a year to have someone shop and deliver items to them when Amazon likely offers the same products.

Google’s delivery system is also inferior to Amazon’s. Deliveries can’t be left unattended, requiring the customer to be home for delivery. Delivery windows are also larger than Amazon’s, meaning that the customers must be available for longer periods of time. In addition, there have been reports that Google Express is unable to handle its delivery volume, resulting in orders that the customer is unable to complete because of a lack of available delivery windows to choose from.

For the drivers, having an easy-to-use app which allows them to become available at will and choose their shift length means greater independence and higher satisfaction. Workers will not be attracted to Google’s program until they have true freedom or increased security through full-time employment.

The Bottom Line

Google Express and Amazon Prime Now are similar yet different for both customers and workers. Customers with Prime memberships are limited to ordering merchandise from Amazon but have their items arrive faster. Google Express members can shop at a variety of locations but will have to accept Google’s imperfect delivery system. For the workers, Amazon offers more flexible scheduling and freedom, but at the cost of having to use their personal vehicles.

What is Google Express? (GOOG, GOOGL)

What’s particularly interesting about Google Express is that the service isn’t quite like Amazon’s Prime Now where customers purchase items from Inc Currently, the Express service is offered for shoppers looking to purchase items from Staples Inc has begun running a delivery company. Instead of having warehouses though, Google Express uses individual store branches as its own personal warehouses and has drivers shop in-store for customers’ orders.

Sharing Economy

Google Express is Google’s entry into the sharing economy. The sharing economy is a revolutionizing part of capitalism, both for workers and companies. With Express, Google has subcontracted delivery to companies who hire independent contractors. These independent contractors deliver for Google on their own schedule and the set-up keeps Google’s costs low enough that the service is viable.

and have them shipped from an Amazon warehouse. While Google tried that model at first, the company soon learned that the faster, more efficient and more profitable method wasn’t the hub-and-spoke system. Instead, Google Express customers use the Express website to select products from a variety of participating stores. The Express drivers then purchase the items from the stores and deliver the items to customers’ homes.

and PetSmart, but is also beginning to deliver fresh grocery delivery. In essence, Google Express operates quite like Postmates except that all of the retailers are aware of the program and complacent with the business model.

The Google Express Business Model

The best thing about Google Express for Google shareholders is its incredibly low overhead. The subcontracted drivers have taken to the Internet to complain about their lack of consistent hours, meaning that the Google Express team is doing a spot on job at only paying the subcontracted companies when they need drivers. A lack of hubs reduces the number of employees needed, as well as the cost of operating a warehouse.

Customers hoping to save money by using Google Express will be sorely disappointed as the service is not inexpensive and there are minimum shipping requirements.

For a Google Express member, the program has a $95 per year (or $10 per month) price. This fee gets the member unlimited orders at most stores and a reduced $2.99 fee for grocery deliveries or for deliveries required within two hours. Customers not willing to commit to another monthly fee will pay $4.99 per store stop and a $4.99 fee for grocery or two-hour delivery.

Each of these orders is subject to additional fees for alcohol purchases or large or difficult to procure orders. In addition, a $3 charge applies to orders that are less than $15, or two-hour delivery orders that are less than $35. It’s certainly a confusing pricing system.

The Future of Google Express

The complex pricing structure of Google Express might be considered too inconvenient for price-conscious shoppers. However, customers who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes will find the service worthwhile if there are no cheaper competitors.

Right now Amazon is a major and much cheaper competitor. Already operating in dozens of cities, Amazon Prime Now offers free two-hour delivery. In even more cities, same-day or one-day shipping is available for free. The cost of a membership for Amazon Prime is $99, an insignificant amount more than Google Express but with the added benefit of no minimum delivery order and all the other benefits that Amazon Prime affords its members.

The clientele for Google Express is limited: few people are loyal enough to their brick-and-mortar store to pay an extra $95 a year to have someone deliver merchandise when Amazon likely carries a similar product which can be delivered quickly for free.

The Bottom Line

Google Express is not without competition. With a slightly different business model than Amazon, Express drivers shop at brick-and-mortar stores and deliver products to customers. The service is pricey but worthwhile for people unwilling or unable to leave their homes.

Amazon Prime Creates a Captive Audience (AMZN)

Sometimes it seems as though Inc. Once you’ve gotten free two-hour shipping, buying things online from Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

is run by the smartest people in the world. In the past 20 years the company has grown from a bookstore operating out of a single room to become the largest retailer in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

How has Amazon grown this quickly? As its number of customers increase, so too do its number of Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime is the leading force of growth for the company, mainly because customers find it so difficult to leave.

A Captive Audience

Traditionally, when we think of the term “captive audiences,” we think of advertising in busses and subways and of previews at the movies. However, captive audiences can be created through peer pressure and loyalty. For example, sports teams are notorious for this practice. No one forces fans to buy merchandise and yet the fans are held captive to the teams who can charge as high a price as possible for merchandise.

Amazon Prime membership captivates shoppers. For a small fee, shoppers get a huge benefit over the traditional shopping experience. Once subscribed, members can get free, unlimited two-day shipping throughout the United States, free one-day shipping in most of the United States, free same-day shipping in dozens of cities and free two-hour shipping in 16 cities.

isn’t going to happen. While Amazon once ran the e-commerce world, other retailers are starting to catch up, forcing Amazon to provide more enticement to keep its customers.

Increasing Prime

A Prime membership has only gotten more valuable since it was first introduced in 2005. Aside from free, fast shipping, Prime members have access to the Kindle library, free streaming video and music and free photo storage. Amazon is working hard to increase the number of services it offers to Prime members in order to increase its number of Prime members.

Amazon’s obsession with its Prime number is not unknown. The company grows and boasts about growth of this metric, even when revenue and profit are all over the place. Amazon Prime members spend, on average, twice as much as non-members and have a reported renewal rate of 95%. Despite Prime members making up the majority of Amazon’s dangerously high shipping costs, Prime membership is pushed, repeatedly, on every single Amazon user.

Once a user gets into the Amazon world, he is captivated and unable to find anything similar elsewhere, as well as unable to quit using the e-commerce giant. Once you’ve paid a $99 fee, every purchase lowers the cost per use, creating a permanent incentive for buyers to shop more. There is also no incentive to comparison shop because Amazon claims to sell everything.

Cost of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime membership is a relatively inelastic service. The company last raised its prices in 2014, claiming that the value of the membership had increased. This price increase did little to affect demand: membership has since grown from an estimated 20 million members in early 2014 to an estimated 54 million members in America alone today. Whether these figures count temporary trial memberships or include figures that are heavy in particular areas is unknown, since Amazon keeps its Prime number a closely guarded secret.

The Bottom Line

Amazon’s growth is fueled by its Prime members. Membership grows exponentially, year after year, and the company boasts an incredible renewal rate. By creating a service to which users are addicted, Amazon has created a captive audience for its merchandise and Prime membership.

What is Costco’s Auto Program? (COST)

, the warehouse store that everyone either loves or loves to hate, has a secret. Costco members can buy cars through a little known program called the Costco Auto Program.

Haggle-Free Shopping

The program works like this: Costco has partnered up with all the major car manufacturers across the country to work out the best pricing for its members. Dealer and car salesmen are trained by Costco to become Authorized Dealer Contacts and can then sell cars to Costco members at the agreed upon price. While Costco isn’t selling the cars directly, they’ve done all the haggling for a one-stop shopping experience on most cars for sale.

Costco members in the market for a new car need to remember one important fact: they must find their dealer through the Costco Auto Program. Stories abound on the Internet of consumers calling dealerships directly and being assured that the salesmen were authorized dealers, only to be bait-and-switched when the customer arrived to purchase a car. Going directly to a dealer is a costly mistake for Costco members.

Non-Confrontational Shopping

By using the Costco Auto Program, Costco members get the benefit of Costco’s Member Advocacy Group: a customer service body to which members can complain if the dealership isn’t treating them fairly.

Since Costco’s car sales are actually sales through a dealership, all national sales promotions and manufacturer incentives are considered when establishing the price. Members can also enter into lease agreements with their Costco Authorized Dealer, as well as trade-in their old vehicle for credit. Despite its name, the Auto Program isn’t limited to new automobiles. Members can also purchase used cars, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and snowmobiles at prices previously haggled by Costco employees.

Because the prices are standardized for all Costco members, there’s no need for the car salesman to be pushy or for the consumer to feel intimidated. Instead, Costco has created a program which allows for a comfortable, non-confrontational shopping experience.

The Side Effects

The program is obviously not without its drawbacks. Customers who are great hagglers have reported online that they were able to get an equivalent or better price than what was offered. Members should also beware of dealers who are looking to make a bit more than the tiny margins that Costco offers by selling complimentary or accessory products or by trying to up-sell the shopper on a different vehicle.

Perhaps the most inconvenient factor of all is that Costco’s Authorized Dealers cannot reveal prices over the phone. For members who live near an authorized dealer, this isn’t a problem because the customer can easily go to a dealership, have a coffee and learn the prices. Customers who must travel long distances to get to an Authorized Dealer are either less likely to make the journey or more likely to make a purchase since they’ve traveled all that way.

All members can take advantage of Costco’s Auto Program Service Centers. In areas where the local Costco doesn’t have a service center, Costco has teamed up with Authorized Dealers to provide a 15% discount on services (excluding oil changes). A member who buys a used car through Costco’s Auto Program sees a one-time coupon for 50% off at an Authorized Dealer Service Center. The prices set at Authorized Dealers are not negotiated through Costco and so buyers should also beware when bringing their vehicle to a Service Center.

The Bottom Line

Costco’s Auto Program is a great idea for shoppers who are too nervous, too ill-experienced or too busy to negotiate on a new car price. For only the cost of a membership, Costco members get a set price pre-negotiated by Costco. At the very least, all consumers should visit an Authorized Dealer at the beginning of their search for a new vehicle.

Airline Ticket Prices: What a Difference a Day Makes


It’s not too early to start thinking about summer. For the best prices, book domestic tickets starting about three months from your departure date or five months ahead for international travel.

When to Fly

The main question now is when to fly. Suggestion: Don’t just pick a week or two and say that’s when we’ll go, not if you have any flexibility at all. Instead, take advantage of seasonal airfare changes and see what a difference a day makes. If you depart on your trip 24 hours too soon or 24 hours too late you could miss significant savings.

The following good and not-so-good departure dates come from an analysis of my company’s vast storehouse of historical and real-time airfare data. Use these dates as a general guideline because airfares can and do sometimes change based on rising or falling demand (which is why it’s a must to always compare ticket prices no matter when you fly). As of now, the following dates are expected to be the best bets for passenger prices breaks.

Best Dates to Fly: Spring and Pre-Summer Trips

It helps to know that airlines divide the year into specific fare seasons. Winter is cheapest, fall is generally a little cheaper than spring while summer is most expensive. There are also lesser variations within seasons.

  • March 16: Last day to depart and still pay winter season ticket prices (generally the cheapest of the year). As of March 17, most prices will rise.
  • May 16: Last day to depart and still pay spring season ticket prices (generally cheaper than summer). A bump in prices begins May 17.
  • June 9: Last day to depart and still pay lower pre-summer season ticket prices. As of June 10, peak-summer prices take over.

Best Dates to Fly: Late Summer and Fall Trips

Best bet for summer vacation bargains: Take off on Aug. 23 or later. Most airlines drop prices at this point because demand drops. You can thank all those children heading back to school.

  • Aug. 1: Starting this date, airfare drops slightly for weekday flights (Monday to Friday).
  • Aug. 23: Starting this date, airfare drops significantly as the cheaper fall season gets underway. Watch for another fall price drop in mid to late-October.
  • Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24): The holiday itself is typically the cheapest day to fly during this popular travel period. The most expensive days to fly during Thanksgiving are usually the Wednesday before (Nov. 23) and Sunday after (Nov. 27).

Best Dates to Fly: Europe Trips

This year, the better and worse days for trans-Atlantic flights mirror the domestic dates. Tip: Look for more competition in the overseas market from European discounters such as Norwegian and Wow Air

  • March 16: Last day to depart to take advantage of cheaper winter rates. Prices jump a bit starting March 17.
  • May 16: Last day to take advantage of cheaper spring fares. As of May 17, ticket prices jump significantly as the peak summer season for Europe gets underway.
  • Aug. 23: Fall pricing begins, and fares drop for the season. Look for another price drop as the cheap winter season gets underway in late October.

The Bottom Line

Final thought: Travelers can usually save even more on domestic flights by flying on one of the traditionally cheapest days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. For Europe, it’s usually cheaper to fly during the week than on a weekend.

Wait on Buying a Pickup (F, GMC)

Wait on Buying a Pickup (F, GMC)

By Tim Parker | March 11, 2016 — 6:30 AM EST



It’s a buyer’s market if you’re looking to purchase a new car. And if you can wait even longer, prices may get even better, if auto analysts are correct.

The Wall Street Journal, citing Manheim Inc., a leading auction company that tracks vehicle prices, reported that the average pre-owned vehicle fell 2% year over year to $10,345 in February. This represents the second consecutive year that monthly vehicle prices have declined.

A Good Time to Buy Used Cars

Here’s where the news gets even better for consumers – though not so good for car dealers. Economists believe that prices will continue to drop over the next couple of years as an increasing amount of lease returns hit the market for resale. In 2009, approximately 2.4 million cars came off lease and re-entered the market as used vehicles. That number decreased to 1.7 million by 2013, but as the economy rebounded from the Great Recession, it rose.

According to Manheim estimates, more than 3 million cars are expected to reach the used car market in 2016. Anyone with an understanding of basic economics knows that when more of something is up for sale, prices tend to drop – and there’s little car dealers can do about it.

But Not Trucks

But there’s one large exception to this trend: pickup trucks. Per a recent Manheim report, pickup truck values shot up 7.4% to an average price of $16,125. In addition to fetching higher prices, automakers love pickup trucks because they’re popular. In 2012, Ford Motor Company’s F-Series line of pickup trucks was responsible for 90% of its profits and General Motors Company’s (GMC) Silverado and GMC Sierra lines accounted for about two-thirds of its earnings.

Don’t Get Too Excited

You may be rejoicing at the fact that your next used car may come at a bargain, but this isn’t good news for consumers looking to sell, as their car’s trade-in value could be significantly lower. Having a glut of cars on the used car lot will make dealers less willing to pay higher prices for trade-ins.

And what about leases? Lower used car prices can affect new leases, too. Because you won’t own your car at the end of the leasing term – unless you buy it – you are essentially renting the vehicle. Your monthly lease payment is based on the dealer’s perception of the car’s residual value, which is how much the car is worth at the end of the lease; in other words, you’re paying for the depreciation of the vehicle. If, at the end of the lease term, the residual value is significantly lower than the sticker price because of low used car prices, your lease payment has to be higher to make up for the car’s drop in value. That kind of stinks, doesn’t it?

Then there’s the projected rise in interest rates. Although the financial markets aren’t off to a very good start in 2016, the trajectory for interest rates is clearly to the upside. Nobody knows when the next rise in rates will come, but one thing is for certain: Those ultra-low interest rates on car purchases won’t last.

The Bottom Line

As used car lots fill up with an oversupply of vehicles, prices should drop. That will bring down the price of new car purchases as well. Does this situation mean you should rush out and purchase a vehicle? Probably not. There are many deals out there now, but even better deals could come later.