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Why Choose Shih Tzu as your First Dog Many would be more than willing to take care of dogs regardless of breed but in our world where practicality matters for household, you would want to ensure that the dog you’ll take is something you can raise properly, train well and of course, fit on your [Continue]

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What You Need to Know About Fleas Which one exists first? Is it the egg or the flea? This article will be talking about the adult life of flea as it goes through the many stages of their life cycle. In addition, the things that make them very undesirable to be near your beloved pet [Continue]

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How to Make Dogs Healthy and Joyful People keep several classes of animals in their homes. It has been known for humans to mainly keep livestock and pets in their homes. Some of the examples of classes of cattle animals are cows, goats, sheep, and pigs. There are advantages that come from livestock animals. It [Continue]

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Adding a Dog to the Family The presence of a dog in our home brings about varied opinions to family members. Occasionally you are very contented with having a puppy in your house, but from time to time you even wonder why you need one. Having a very active dog in your house can very [Continue]

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Advantages Of Rearing Blue Pitbull Puppies The fact is, you will smile at the first look of a Blue Pitbull puppy. They have been branded the name because of the colour on their noses. Blue is a scarce colour to find in most dog varieties. It is correct to point out that Pitbull has harassed [Continue]

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How To Train Your Children Before Getting A New Dog Children enjoy spending their free time playing with the pet. That is the reason that you should teach them the skills and knowledge of how to effectively take care of the animal. Here are some top tips on how you can teach your children to [Continue]